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Case Study

Reply.com Creates and Grows Efficiencies in Paid Search

  • Automation increased efficiencies at scale
  • Full visibility of SEM campaigns
  • Cut time to manage paid search campaigns by a third

  • A little about Reply.com

    Reply! is the leading online marketplace for targeted advertising. Businesses can purchase or sell targeted Enhanced Clicks? or leads through the Reply.com Marketplace. Reply.com’s solution is more precise and profitable than search engines and ad networks. It offers a complete monetization solution that is self-service and white-label ready. During these trying economic times, Reply.com’s business has grown 50% year-over-year.

    Currently, the Reply.com Marketplace services the New Car, Used Car, Real Estate, Home Improvement, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Mortgage sectors, with more categories launching quarterly. Reply.com Marketplace, which debuted in 2008, has already signed on a wide array of customers including: Hearst Newspapers, Chevrolet, RealEstate.com, Ford, Nissan, Audi, ServiceMagic, ZipRealty.com, Market Leader, and many others.

  • Reply wanted to improve their efficiencies in campaign management

    Reply.com acquires consumers through several online acquisition channels, and manages millions of paid search keywords. Reply.com had a four-person outside agency team and a two-person in-house team spending an excessive amount of time modifying bids manually, running reports, and attempting to optimize the SEM process. Reply.com wanted to improve the efficiency of their paid search management program. The company sought to implement a robust paid search management application that could help their in-house team automatically recalculate bids every night based on gross profit-per-keyword, optimize their keyword portfolio to drive higher traffic, and keep costs in check as volume increased.

“Marin’s client services team has far exceeded our expectations and has been, from day one, completely engaged in our business. Our dedicated Marin client services representative feels like an extended team member of Reply.com. She treats us like our account truly matters.”

Brian Bowman / Chief Marketing Officer, Reply.com

  • Marin’s assisted Reply in improving their workflows

    After a review of paid search management applications, Reply.com chose Marin Software. The company was impressed by Marin’s comprehensive workflow approach that allows marketers to automate all tasks associated with managing large-scale campaigns.

    Reply.com also chose Marin Software on the strength of its client services team, as the team showed it clearly understood the intricacies of the ever-evolving paid search industry. Marin’s client services team worked hand-in-hand with Reply.com to help them leverage the unique capabilities of Marin for direct-response marketers, offering hands-on guidance in learning the system.

  • Reply now easily finds outliers and acts upon them

    Marin’s sophisticated reporting functionality now allows Reply.com to get a complete view of the performance of their SEM program, and scrutinize the effectiveness of their sizable keyword portfolio – seeing which keywords are performing the best and which are lagging.

    Reply.com has achieved impressive results with Marin. In just the first few months of using Marin Software, the company was able to manage their entire paid search management process in a third of the time.

    What’s more, Marin Software made reporting quicker, allowing easy aggregation and viewing of data across search engines